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Sound installation played during performance at La Strada festival, 2021

In Edo Sprache ist das wort fuer Errinerung sa-e-y-ama und heist eigentlich ein motif in bronze zu Giessen – also ist das Giessen der weg der Errinerung.

We are reporting to you with breaking news from Graz Austria where a bronze sculpture has been stolen from the UniversalMuseum. This seems to have been a punitive raid for looting Benin Bronzes in 1897 during an attack on Benin City in what is now Nigeria. Around Europe there is a cry for repatriation of these treasures and others taken from colonies around the world and kept in museums in Europe. The President of France and Germany have promised to begin to give them back and a museum in Scotland was the first to do so this year. National laws are being adjusted to return this patrimony to the people it was stolen from.

 Investigators are on the trail of the thieves who appear to have boarded buses to escape. It is not yet clear whether this is part of the spate of these cases of looting from European museums – in Marseilles, Paris and Berg en Dal. Mwazulu Diyabanza the founder of the Yanka Nku Panafrican movement has been arrested for freeing looted art from French and Dutch museums in the name of Africa. He is being fined thousands, meanwhile the videos of his fans has gone viral online. From Australia to Mexico people around the world are demanding the return of their cultural patrimony.

We turn now to what experts in Austria are saying: …

listen to link above for full program, which was played as a hack of the Oe1 radio station on the busses in graz during La Strada festival