Memory Biwa


Memory Biwa is a historian, and artist. Her work addresses memorial and reparative processes in postcolonial Namibia. Biwa’s focus on oral narratives, sartorial performances and re-enactments informs notions of subjectivity and the re-centering of alternative epistemologies and imaginaries. As part of the artistic duo, ‘Listening at Pungwe’, Biwa has presented performances and installations in South Africa, Ghana, Senegal, Switzerland and Germany. Biwa previously lectured at the University of Namibia in the Department of Education, Languages, Humanities and Commerce from 2016 – 2020. Biwa is currently a DAAD Artist in residence in Berlin, and is co-curator for the Triennial of Small Sculptures, Fellbach, “Vibration of Things”, 4 June to 3 September 2022.


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