Invoking. Connecting in Darkness. (Pocahunter Part 1)

Commissioned Video- Performance as part of Re.act.feminism #3 - polyphonies. interferences. drifts


As part of MANIFESTA 14 (2022) in Pristina, Kosovo, Verena Melgarejo Weinandt has been commissioned by re.act.feminism to create a new video performance where she invokes her Alter Ego Pocahunter situating her invocation in the liminal space of the inbetween, the non- place place in the Darkness, outside of time and space confinements.


re.act.feminism is an ongoing archive and research project exploring the multitemporal forcefield of feminism(s) and performance art. Evolving in multiple iterations, the project has so far featured more than 180 feminist and / or queer artists and collectives in various exhibitions and events across Europe, online and in print. re.act.feminism # 3 takes the existing online archive as its starting point and experiments with interventions and expansions through curatorial drifts.


For her chapter entitled revenge ~ avatars and manyness* Suza Husse examines together with artists Oreet Ashery (London) and Verena Melgarejo Weinandt (Vienna/Berlin) anti-colonial, queer and feminist strategies of resistance motivated by collective practices. revenge ~ avatars and manyness * emerges from conversations between the three and channels many chats, rants and dreams with friends and lovers. Revenge as imagined by the zombiesque figures, exhausted beings, slug alien embodiments and hybrid car skins that populate this chapter are acts in nonlinear time that denormalise and disrupt patriarchal and colonial oppression. They channel multiplicities to trouble the ideology of progress and recuperate revenge from the monopoles of god, police and father. Queer and anticolonial revenge is coming back to a moment of violence and not letting it pass. What has been lost there and then is claimed back, the dispossession reversed, not for a return to any fiction of unbroken origin but to return with pieces to reconstitute past, present and future.


Format Video Performance | Document media video, colour, sound, 6:51 min  | Issue date 2022  | To be seen in revenge ~ avatars and manyness*, re.act.feminism #3 – polyphonies. interferences. drifts., 2022-2023  | Relations Zine download on  | Curated by Suza Husse


Excerpts of the Zine, created by Suza Husse, co- authored by Oreet Ashery and Verena Melgarejo Weinandt: