Iyagbon’s Mirror at Musée d'ethnographie de Genève

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In the Edo language, SE-YA-MA means «to remember». The artist Samson Ogiamien chose this verb to embody this capsule in which his sculptural and performative work is presented in dialogue with the objects from the Benin Kingdom (Nigeria) looted by British colonial troops in 1897 and dispersed on the art market during the 20th century. Our relationship was forged around Iyagbon’s Mirror, the show dedicated to the agony of museum objects disconnected from their ritual uses, which he co-wrote with the compagnie Onyrikon and which MEG co-produced in spring 2022. Our shared ambition to raise awareness of the duty to remember colonial violence, which museums must fulfil to address the futures of their collections, is an enduring one.

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This exhibition is part of “Remembering, Geneva in the Colonial World” a temporary exhibition

from 3 May 2024 – 5 January 2025

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